San Juan, Puerto Rico

I flew to San Juan, Puerto Rico for a destination wedding and stayed at El San Juan Resort & Casino which was where the wedding was held. As soon as I arrived, I hit up the pool, the beach, and Old San Juan. The architecture of the buildings were gorgeous and so colorful and the cobblestone roads gave it such an old school vibe. While exploring we stumbled upon a lady at a table selling her art work made of cardboard. I was so impressed by her work I purchased a cardboard keyholder for my new home and my friend bought a pretty cardboard flower.

Since it was my first night in San Juan, you know I had to party. My friends and I hit up Brava Nightclub right in our hotel. The line is usually out the door, but guests staying in the hotel do not have to wait in line or pay a cover, so that was a plus. And I may or may not have hit up the strip club after Brava. 😉

Since I partied my ass off the night before, I needed to rehydrate my body. Right behind the hotel on the beach was a food cart that sold pinchos and fresh coconuts. The coconut juice gave me LIFE.

I slipped in to my beautiful Vince Camuto dress for the wedding. With the heat and humidity at 6:00 pm in the Carribbean, wearing a long dress was sort of a bad idea. I like to dance so I was always on the dance floor and everyone, including myself, stepped all over the dress. Nonetheless, I had such a great time with my friends. The wedding was so pretty, the music was on point, and the open bar is always a good idea.

The next day my girl friend and I met up with some of our other friends, who also attending the wedding, at Ocean Park. They were hanging out with their local friends and invited us to the beach. I love being touristy but I also love doing what the locals do. I even got a ride on a moped. We went to dinner at La Jaquita Baya and let me tell you, every single dish we tried was so delicious! I did not get to take pictures of all the foods because we were so hungry. My absolute favorites were the fried shark, whole red snapper, and pork belly mofungo.

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