Destination: Newport, Rhode Island

My best friend and I are always looking for random adventures to go on, so we decided to take a day trip to Newport, Rhode Island. As soon as we got in to Newport we were starving for breakfast but as soon as we got to Benjamin’s Raw Bar, we just missed the breakfast menu by a couple of minutes. We ordered oysters, crab cakes and fried fish. After lunch, we decided to check out Thames Street which is the popular street in Newport with a bunch of restaurants and shops.

While souvenir shopping, we found the scooter rental shop, Scooter World. Of course we rented the two-seater scooter and rode around the area. We rode to the see the lighthouse, to the beach, and to see the mansions. We didn’t get to stop by any of the museums, so we’ll have to check those out on the next trip.

We continued our adventure at Newport Vineyards in Middletown, RI. My friend and I did the wine tasting which was obviously so fun. You also get a free wine glass with the tasting. My favorite wines are the Great White (which won awards), the Vidal Blanc, and the Bellevue Blush.

After frolicking in between the rows of grapes, we worked up an appetite and ate dinner at the vineyard at Brix Restaurant. We ordered the Mussels Sofrito Sauvignon, Caribbean Jerk Skewers, and the Portuguese Seafood Stew. I’m not really a fan of mussels, but I ate a few just to say I did try it. My friend enjoyed them though. My favorite were the skewers, which were actually spicy. The stew was more of like a paella, but it was still very delicious and flavorful. For dessert we had a toffee cheesecake which was amazing.

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