Brooklyn restaurant – St. Anselm

When my boss told me I was approved to go to training in New York City for a week, I was so excited. Not only was I looking forward to be learning geeky computer IT stuff, but I couldn’t wait to try the hundreds of great restaurants just train stops away from me. Everyone is always raving about how NYC has the best brunches, so I thought I’d try a spot.

My New York native friend suggested we hit up St. Anselm in Brooklyn (Williamsburg). We walked in on a Sunday afternoon and to my surprise there was no wait. To start off, I ordered a mimosa because brunch isn’t brunch without a mimosa. We shared the grilled avocado with shrimp salad appetizer. I’ve never had grilled avocado and it was absolutely amazing. It came halved, topped with baby shrimps in a white sour cream sauce with lemon zest and herbs. This savory sauce was sour and cold and offset the warm, neutral flavor of the avocado so well.

My friend ordered the steak and eggs off the Specials menu. She got her steak cooked medium but it came medium rare. None of us complained; that’s how steak should be cooked anyway. It was so juicy and flavorful. The dish came with garlicky potato fingerlings perfectly cooked tender. They were definitely addicting. She also ordered a side of spinach gratin, which was also tasty. You could taste more of the spinach and not the cheese. (I forgot to take a picture of it.)

My friend suggested I try the Sweet Tea Brined Young BoBo Chicken and I did not regret my decision to listen to her at all. They cook you a whole young chicken — yes, a whole chicken. As in chicken head, neck, and feet and all. The chicken is soaked in a tea marinade and then cooked on the grill. It was well cooked through and still very juicy. The lemon wedges were the perfect touch of sour.

Here’s a fun fact. St. Anselm’s meat is antibiotic and hormone free. One of the farms they source from is BoBo Farm, hence the Bobo in “Sweet Tea Brined Young Bobo Chicken”. I’m all about healthly eating!

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