If you love traveling, fashion, and food, you’ll feel right at home here. You’ll find tips on where to go, how to book trips for cheap, recipes inspired by the food I’ve eaten from around the world, outfit details, and music recommendations.

My love for traveling started when I was young. Every summer my parents would take me and my siblings camping and on road trips to Canada. I love the feeling of being somewhere unfamiliar.

After I had my own kids, I felt like I lost a bit of myself and suffered from postpartum depression. Being a new mom to twins, especially when you’re young is pretty difficult. Trust me, I love my children so much. They are the greatest blessing to me, but a mom needs her space every now and then! “Me” time is crucial for all mothers and for everyone in general. So I promised myself that at least once a year, I would take a trip somewhere. It doesn’t matter where as long I take a plane to get there. It’s been ten years since I’ve made that promise and I have never broken it.

My friends would always say to me “You’re always going somewhere!” but that I inspire them to travel more. I decided to start this blog to be able to share all my experiences with them, and I hope that I inspire everyone who comes to this blog to expand their minds and want to explore the world too.

I hope that you will follow me on my adventures as I share my love for food, fashion, music and everything in between.

Love always,